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Counsellors and psychotherapists tend to use these terms interchangeably, and there is no statutory regulation or definition at present. It is true that anyone could set themselves up as a counsellor, so clients do need to look for membership of professional bodies: mainly BACP or UKCP.

I provide both counselling and psychotherapy.
What comes next is my understanding of what these terms mean.

Counselling is usually short term and is focused on the here and now. It may be about one particular issue, or it might be about relief from distressing symptoms, such as panic attacks. In counselling we would keep the focus on the present, and I would use a particular kind of gentle questioning to help you find your answers. To relieve symptoms I might encourage you to practise some skills which can be useful in overcoming anxiety or depression.

Psychotherapy is usually longer term, although when clients ask 'how long' there is never an answer: it takes as long as it takes. In this process we would explore the past, and understand your current difficulties in relation to your experiences as a child. The work is usually deeper, more intense, and the change you experience is more fundamental and long lasting. Even though it is long term, we make sure that the work stays on track and you would have clear goals.

You don't have to decide now what type of therapy you want.
We can talk about it and I can help you if you need it..

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